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About Us

NOVA Pets is an integrative pet care facility that holds four business under one roof for you and your pet’s convenience.

Veterinary services (Medical Excellence. Personalized Care)
NOVA Pets Health Center (NPHC) is an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited animal hospital that provides client-centric health care options for all pets – including exotics – through personalized diagnostic, medical, and preventative veterinary services. We combine more than 20 years of veterinary experience with state-of-the-art equipment, and a compassionate team of experts who are committed to going that extra mile to ensure your pet is safe, healthy, and happy.

WHAT AAHA ACCREDITATION MEANS FOR YOUR PET ? AAHA-accredited hospitals (like ours) voluntarily choose to be evaluated against more than 900 standards of excellence. These standards confirm NPHC has the team, equipment, medical technology, and innovative facility to deliver exceptional veterinary care. An AAHA accreditation enables NPHC to continuously exceed expectations by assessing, diagnosing, and treating your pet accurately the first time – and every time.

NOVA Pets Boarding Retreat (under supervision of licensed Veterinarian)

As a loving pet owner, you want to find a pet boarding facility you can trust to care for your loyal companions, the same way they would be cared for if they were at home – and that’s exactly what we’re here to do. We understand how stressful it is to board your pet when you travel for a short weekend, or for extended periods of time. This is why NOVA Pets Boarding Retreat is designed to ensure your pets are comfortable, safe, active, and receiving the personal attention they would get at home through a perfect balance of TLC, exercise, and in-house medical care.


We are proud to offer a spacious and cozy pet boarding facility right inside our veterinary hospital. Our 11,000 sq. /ft. facility has room for all pets – dogs, cats, avian, and even exotics – and is equipped with modern amenities, including climate-controlled atrium-style Plexiglas suites, clean and comfortable bedding, a fireproof building, and an air filtration system that continuously circulates clean air to further reduce the risk of infection.

NOVA Pets Dog Day Care (experience and compassionated care giver)
Are you searching for a reliable dog day care in Northern Virginia? Good news – you found one!

At NOVA Pets Dog Day Care, we know it’s hard to find a place to look after your four-legged friend where you know they’re safe and feeling right at home. That’s why NOVA Pets Dog Day Care spares no expense to ensure all of your dog’s physical and emotional needs are met while spending the day under our care.

Your dog’s day care routine will consist of outdoor walks, Doggie Day Camp and/or Private Play, and some down time to unwind and reenergize for their second play session. Each day, your four-legged friend will have a chance to see old friends and make some new ones. You can drop off and pick up your dog from NOVA Pets Day Care at any time during our business hours – but don’t be late for our 9 am play session!
Do you have an energetic dog who loves to run and play? Then they’ll have a ball at Doggie Day Camp. If your dog prefers a quieter environment, not to worry! We have private play options for personalized one-on-one sessions with one of our trained pet care specialists.

NOVA Pets Grooming Salon (qualified groomer)
Is regular grooming a stressful routine for you and your pet? Let NOVA Pets Grooming Salon take the stress off your shoulders. Our compassionate groomers know how to keep your pet calm while they are being groomed so you and your pet can relax.

Whether you are looking for a bath, trimmed nails, full service grooming, matte removal, or a de-shedding option for your pet, NOVA Pets Grooming Salon has the knowledge and expertise to keep all dog and cat breeds pet clean pristine. Have special requests? Our seasoned groomers will work with you to ensure your pet gets the personalized style and treatment they deserve – and you desire – or your money back!

Health and safety for all pets is a top priority. Therefore, we ask that clients meet some minimum requirements prior to grooming.

Let your pet indulge in the pampering they deserve; schedule their next grooming appointment today.


Phone: (703) 378-9791
Fax: (703) 997-7786
Email: info@novapets.com


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*Pick-up and/or drop-off only.

The NOVA Pets Health Center Difference

NOVA Pets Health Center (NPHC) has exceeded expectations to meet and maintain 900+ AAHA accreditation standards. This translates into the highest level of veterinary care for your pet. Under the guidelines of AAHA, our NOVA team has the necessary qualifications, dedication, and innovative equipment to provide exceptional medical care to assess, diagnosis and treat your pet accurately the first time and, every time.


Our Mission

“At NOVA Pets Health Center, the health and safety of all pets is our top priority. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of veterinary care through innovation, education, compassion, and personal attention treat your pet accurately the first time and, every time. Since each pet has unique needs, we take pride in developing a meaningful bond with your pet in order to effectively cater to their individual requirements.”

Our Core Values

Medical Excellence – We are dedicated to providing your pet with the highest quality of medical care by holding ourselves accountable to continuously staying up to date with the most recent medical advancements and state-of-the-art technology.

Education – We are committed to educating our pet owner clients with knowledge and resources to help their pets enjoy a long and healthy life. We believe it is our duty to help teach and inform our clients on ways to keep their pets healthier and happier.

Empathy – Our staff is caring and compassionate to all pets and their families. We take pride in taking the time to get to know your pet and their unique needs to that we can properly cater our care to best suite them. We also encourage an open dialogue between our clients and staff, and a transparency involving our day to day operations.

Integrity – We practice open, truthful, and timely communication with clients by carefully listening, responding to their concerns, and seeking continuous improvement in our services and programs. We believe in consistently providing maximum effort, efficiency, and accountability in every service we provide.

Safety and Peace of Mind – We pride ourselves in offering a safe, clean, and technologically advanced facility for the safety of your pets and to ensure clients’ have peace of mind. We place high values on trust and respect, and we strive to achieve these with every client.

Our Medical Team

Dr. Sayed Masood

Doctor Masood, DVM - Veterinarian at NOVA Pets Health Center

Dr. Masood believes love and compassion improves health; so, he practices with love and compassion at all times – to everyone and everywhere with no boundaries.

Dr. Masood, DVM is founder and Chief of Staff of NOVA Pets Health Center. He has been practicing veterinary medicine since 1985 and is a proud member of The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Prior to committing his veterinary expertise to helping pets, Dr. Masood dedicated 10 years to providing medical attention – everything from routine exams to complex surgeries – to zoo animals ranging from monkeys to elephants. He also completed a year-long post veterinary graduate internship program (ECFVG) at Cornell University’s Hospital for Animals. In addition to tending to pets at NPHC, DR. Masood also handles emergency treatments for pets at Stafford Emergency Hospital. Dr. Masood currently lives in South Riding with his wife, children, and pets Mila, Nova, Lola, Max, and Abie. In his spare time, he enjoys family vacations, swimming, gardening, and writing.

Dr. Kerr

Dr. Kerr is a board-certified Veterinary Radiologist. He has been performing exams and radiograph consultations since 1984. He graduated from Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1983 and completed his radiology residency at TUSVM in 1987. In 1988 he and his family relocated and Dr. Kerr joined the Virginia Veterinary Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging Services (VRDIS). Dr. Kerr performs ultrasound exams, radiographic interpretation and consultations at NOVA Pets Health Center.

Our History

In 2001, Dr. Masood bought a family-oriented veterinary clinic in South Riding (formally known as All Pets Veterinary Hospital) from Dr. James Gaines. In 2010, Dr. Masood relocated the practice to an 11,000 sq ft facility in Chantilly, VA. to accommodate additional services including boarding, grooming and dog daycare. NOVA Pets Health Center now provides full diagnostic treatment and medical care for pet owner clients in Northern Virginia.

NOVA Pets Health Center Building view

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