Meet the Team

Meet the Team

In 2001, Dr. Sayed Masood bought a family-oriented veterinary clinic in South Riding (formally known as All Pets Veterinary Hospital) from Dr. James Gaines. In 2010, Dr. Masood relocated the practice to an 11,000 square foot facility in Chantilly, VA, to accommodate additional services including boarding, grooming and dog day camp. NOVA Pets Health Center provides full diagnostic treatment and medical care for canine, feline, and exotic pets across Northern Virginia.

Our Doctors

Dr. Sayed  Masood, <br/> Veterinarian/Owner photo

Dr. Sayed Masood,

Dr. Masood, DVM is founder and Chief of Staff of NOVA Pets Health Center. He has been practicing veterinary medicine since 1985 and is a proud member of The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Prior to committing his veterinary expertise to helping pets, Dr. Masood dedicated 10 years to providing medical attention – everything from routine exams to complex surgeries – to zoo animals ranging from monkeys to elephants. He also completed a year-long post veterinary graduate internship program (ECFVG) at Cornell University’s Hospital for Animals. In addition to tending to pets at NPHC, Dr. Masood also handles emergency treatments for pets at Stafford Emergency Hospital. Dr. Masood currently lives in South Riding with his wife, children, and pets Mila, Nova, Lola, Max, and Abie. In his spare time, he enjoys family vacations, swimming, gardening, and writing. Dr. Masood believes love and compassion improves health and makes it evident in the way he practices veterinary medicine.

Dr. Kerr, <br/> DVM photo

Dr. Kerr,

Dr. Kerr is a board-certified Veterinary Radiologist. He has been performing exams and radiograph consultations since 1984. He graduated from Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1983 and completed his radiology residency at TUSVM in 1987. In 1988 he and his family relocated and Dr. Kerr joined the Virginia Veterinary Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging Services (VRDIS). Dr. Kerr performs ultrasound exams, radiographic interpretation and consultations at NOVA Pets Health Center.

Our Staff

Faezea, <br/> Veterinarian Technician  photo

Veterinarian Technician

Faezea has been a member of the Nova Pets team since 2005 as a Veterinary Assistant. He has a passion for caring for sick animals and says his favorite thing about the industry is seeing pets heal after coming into the clinic sick or hurt. In his spare time, Faezea enjoys spending time with his family. He is an avid sports fan and loves to cheer on the New York Giants and Madrid Futbol.

Soubhaan Masood, <br/> Office Manager  photo

Soubhaan Masood,
Office Manager

Soubhaan had been volunteering with Nova Pets before joining the team as an Office Manager. He is currently enrolled at George Mason University in Fairfax where he studies Engineering.
Soubhaan believes the most rewarding thing about working in this industry is the impact made on pet owners by offering them peace of mind when it comes to their pet's health and wellness. In his spare time, Soubhaan enjoys fitness and being in nature.

Victoria  Humphreys, <br/> Marketing Manager photo

Victoria Humphreys,
Marketing Manager

Victoria joined the Nova Pets team in October, 2017, where she wanted to make a positive impact on others by helping improve the lives of their pets. She is a foster failure, pet mom of four: Two dogs named Chloe and Zeus and two cats named Kiki and Tipsy. Victoria completed her undergraduate program at Kent State University in Ohio with dual degrees in Organizational Communication Studies and Applied Communication Studies with a minor in Public Relations. Recently, Victoria obtained her Master's degree from Georgetown University in Public Relations and Corporate Communication. Victoria’s dogs enjoy coming to work everyday with her and playing with the other dogs in the day care.

Taylor  Lenox,<br/> Marketing Associate photo

Taylor Lenox,
Marketing Associate

Taylor graduated from Shepherd University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography in 2015. She enjoys spending time with family, and friends, as well as going for walks with her two dogs, Miya and Riley. Her top favorite things are animals, flowers, anything glittery, and you can bet she is always craving nachos. Taylor loves working at NOVA Pets Health Center where she is able to incorporate her love for photography while also hanging out with animals all day.

Ashley  Feliciano, <br/> Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist  photo

Ashley Feliciano,
Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist

Ashley has been with Nova Pets since February 2017, working as a Veterinary Assistant and receptionist. She obtained her associates degree in Veterinary Technology from Universidad Del Turabo in 2015 and completed a year-long internship working at Fajardo Animal Hospital in Puerto Rico. Ashley and her husband have a mixed-breed dog named Max. All three of them enjoy snuggling up to Netflix at the end of a long day caring for animals.

Ramona  Pollock, <br/> Receptionist photo

Ramona Pollock,

Ramona was born in Romania and moved to Ohio at the age of seven. She lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and three children ages five, seven, and 10 years old. Ramona has had many different pets throughout her life including dogs, cats, fish, turtles, parakeets, cockatiels, hamsters, gerbils, and ferrets. Although Ramona is a lover of all animals, ferrets were a personal favorite. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, photography and hanging out with the office bird, Ladybird, while at Nova Pets.

Katy  Burn,<br/> Receptionist  photo

Katy Burn,

Originally from South Carolina, Katy joins our team after years in the medical field. An adrenaline junky, she has a deep love for animals and outdoor adventures. Katy is a graduate of the University of South Carolina where she received her bachelor's degree in Advertising. Katy is the proud pet mom of a German Shepherd named Hanna and a white cat named Roxy.

Ximena  Alca, <br/> Receptionist  photo

Ximena Alca,

Ximena was born in Lima, Peru, and relocated with her family to Northern Virginia where she is a graduate of Centerville High School. She is currently studying Management at George Mason University in Fairfax and expected to graduate in Spring, 2019. Ximena got her first pet at age 18, a pitbull she named Khloe, which inspired her get involved in an industry that takes care of pets. In her spare time, when she is not busy studying, Ximena creates and hosts her own YouTube channel that is all about beauty, skincare, and makeup. She loves seeing the different clients and pets who come into Nova Pets everyday.

Olivia  Cassandra, <br/> Kennel Leader photo

Olivia Cassandra,
Kennel Leader

Olivia is no stranger to the industry with over seven years of experience handling different types of animals. She brings to the team her extensive experience with training various breeds of dogs, specializing with German Shepherds, along with many different forms of training. Olivia has worked in multiple dog training facilities across Northern Virginia and currently splits her time between Nova Pets and Sit Means Sit, a dog training facility in Manassas. She is the proud owner of German Shepherds, Arya, Gotcha, and Cammie, and a cat named Two-socks. Olivia also has a working Shepherd, Kaiser.

Sonya  Seale, <br/> Kennel Supervisor  photo

Sonya Seale,
Kennel Supervisor

Sonya grew up spending most of her time in Las Vegas and Colorado. She studied early childhood development at Front Range Community College in Colorado and worked as a daycare teacher for the last eight years. Sonya relocated to Northern Virginia in April, 2017, and has been with Nova Pets since October, 2017, where she loves working with the different types of animals that are brought into the Health Center. Sonya has two dogs named Abby and Shadow who love to play with the other dogs in the day care. She also has a bearded dragon named Hemphalump. 

Sebastian  Quintana,<br/> Kennel Supervisor photo

Sebastian Quintana,
Kennel Supervisor

Originally from Lima, Perú, Sebastian grew up in Northern Virginia and is a graduate of Centerville High School. Sebastian attended Northern Virginia Community College and transferred to George Mason University where he plans on graduating with a degree in Criminal Justice. No stranger to the industry, Sebastian has worked with beloved pets at a variety of places across Northern Virginia including Dog University, Merrifield Animal Hospital, and Wag More Dogs. He is the proud pet dad of a German Shepherd/Siberian Husky mixed breed canine named Ares.


Kayla  Martinez, <br/> Kennel Assistant  photo

Kayla Martinez,
Kennel Assistant

Kayla joined the Nova Pets Health Center team in 2017 and loves working with our dogs in the day care. She is a member of the JROTC and excited to graduate high school in Spring, 2018. Kayla dreams of one day being an exotic animal Veterinarian and values the experience Nova Pets gives her as she works towards that goal. Her favorite thing about working at Nova Pets is being able to work with all the different animals that come through the kennel. Kayla is the proud owner of a Boston Terrier named Stella.

Mia Hall, <br> Kennel Assistant  photo

Mia Hall,
Kennel Assistant

Born and raised in Manassas Park, Mia is a graduate of Manassas Park High School and currently enrolled at Germanna Community College where she is expected to graduate in Fall, 2018. Prior to joining the NOVA Pets Health Center team, Mia worked at Mary Washington Hospital where she was part of the Phlebotomy program. After six months there she realized her passion was not to work with humans but rather work with animals. She dreams of one day opening her own zoo, which she isn’t far off from now with a total of 13 pets: A Beagle named Archie; two cats named Tweety and Fixy; one hedgehog, Harley; one guinea pig, Pumpkin; two snakes, Bagheera and Zero; one Lizard and five fish. 

Derek Burns, <br/>Kennel Assistant photo

Derek Burns,
Kennel Assistant

Bio coming soon!

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