Nova Pets is a top-rated veterinary facility to cater to your animal’s health, growth, and grooming needs. Our animal clinic in Chantilly offers doggie camp days and boarding retreat facilities to pamper your dogs with love, luxury, and unique treatments.

What services do veterinarians provide?

A veterinarian is a professional who possesses proper education and certifications in diagnosing and treating injuries, diseases, and illnesses in animals. The services offered by veterinarians differ from person to person based on the vet's experience, education, specialty, and area of interest.

Vets diagnose and treat conditions in animals primarily by making observations of clinical signs in them. In some cases, the owners may furnish the animal's medical history, and the vet arrives at a diagnosis based on both these data. A vet may also run a couple of diagnostic tests such as MRI, radiography, blood tests, CT scans, urine analysis, etc. to arrive at a precise diagnosis.

Our animal clinic in Chantilly offers a wide range of vet services such as vaccinations, dental care, diagnostic testing, neutering, spaying, surgical procedures like fractures and dislocations, ACL repair, cancer surgeries, exotic pet, and avian care. We also undertake house calls, microchip implants, travel certificates, and identification services.

Symptoms of a sick dog

Keenly observe for unusual symptoms in your dog or if she seems abnormally quiet or dull. You must take your dog to the vet immediately if you spot bad breath or find your dog to be drooling a lot. You should do the same if the animal:

  • Drinks a lot of water

  • Urinates a lot

  • Change in appetite accompanied by loss or weight gain

  • Lack of interest in activities

  • Sleeping too much

  • The quivering of the head

  • Changes in behavior, etc.

Other common symptoms in dogs that require a visit to the vet's office include dry or itchy skin, coughing, sneezing, excessive panting, sores, digestive issues, change in bowel movements, etc. Many times owners unknowingly attribute certain signs in their dogs to aging when, in reality, the animal might be in pain or suffering due to an underlying condition. Schedule regular visits to the vets’ office to ensure that your pet is in good health at all times.

What is canine parvovirus?

Canine parvovirus is an infection in dogs caused by CPV, CPV-2a, or CPV-2b. Puppies below the age of 6 months and dogs that aren't protected by vaccines against the virus are at a higher risk of getting infected by this condition.

This disease can be asymptomatic in most dogs and can turn fatal, taking away the life of the animal if left unnoticed. It is an acute illness with symptoms that develop quickly within a week of exposure to the virus. Dogs sometimes die without showing any signs of infection at all.

Our animal clinic in Chantilly is one of the very few clinics to offer holistic treatment care and wellness plans for your pet at affordable prices. Call Nova Pets today to know more about our services.