Nova Pets health center is one of the pre-eminent animal hospitals in Chantilly. We offer a comfortable and safe stay for your pets with our boarding services. We also have a fully equipped high-end grooming saloon.

How often should I get my dog groomed?

Grooming needs differ from canine to canine but largely depend on factors like breed, type of coat, length of hair, etc. Professional pet grooming once every month should keep your dog free from mats, parasites, allergies, and other skin issues.

Professional dog groomers offer services like bathing, cutting, trimming and styling the hair, ear and eye cleaning, and nail clipping for your pet. Besides the basic grooming, some saloons also offer additional services such as dog spa, massage, coloring the fur, painting the nails, etc. We are one of the very few sought-after animal hospitals in Chantilly with a team of qualified dog groomers. We will run a complete check on your dog for skin issues such as heat or swelling, scratches, cuts, lice, and other parasites and offer appropriate shampoo treatments.

What are the requirements for Pet boarding?

Many pet clinics offer dog boarding services while the owner is away traveling and is unable to take their canine with them on-board. Dog boarding offers a safe and comfortable home for the animal with their kennel, bed, feed, and toys. The pets get to enjoy the comforts of home in a boarding facility. Some of the basic requirements of boarding retreat centers include:

  • All dogs must be over the age of 4 months and should have completed their first round of shots

  • Up-to-date on all vaccinations such as rabies, DPP, Bordetella, FVRCP, Canine Influenza, Leptospirosis, and parvo shot.

  • Your pet must be free from fleas and ticks

  • You must provide your pet food supplies for the time you're away

  • Some boarding facilities require a complete health assessment by an in-house veterinarian to analyze if the pet is physically fit for boarding

Skin disorders in Dogs

A lot of canine breeds with a long coat or fur often suffer from a variety of skin-related conditions. They keep scratching and itching constantly leading to wounds and redness all over their skin. A skin issue can be a result of anything from allergies and parasites to underlying skin diseases.

Allergic Dermatitis is one of the common allergies that affect dogs due to food, grooming products, or environmental irritants like insect bites, parasites from cats or pollen. This condition may trigger your dog to constantly scratch their skin, leading to rashes.

If you find your pet to be scratching the ears and licking her toes, your dog might be affected by a yeast infection. Look for yellow discharge, crusted skin, or redness in the pet's skin. Yeast infections offer to occur in your pet's ear and paws, topical creams are usually prescribed to treat this condition.

If you suspect your pet suffers from any kind of irritation, visit Nova Pets to treat it as soon as possible to avoid further complications. We are one of the highly equipped, best-staffed animal hospitals in Chantilly.