Are you having trouble finding a good veterinarian for your pet? Perhaps you want to go on a one-day vacation, but you hate leaving your pet alone? Nova Pets can help you with all that. The dog daycare center in Chantilly that we provide is the solution.

What does dog daycare mean?

It means we take care of your dog for either half a day or a whole day. Our facilities here in Chantilly enable us to place your dog in a loving and affectionate environment. You can spend your day comfortably knowing that your pet lives a carefree life at our care center. Our pet playground is the perfect place where your dog can keep active and healthy.

We also provide additional grooming services to pets, like baths, trimming nails, all-around grooming, and veterinarian services. Therefore, we guarantee that your dog will have a blast here. Surrounded by other canine friends and the love of our caretakers, your pet will likely refuse to go home with you in the evening.

Affectionate pet care

All of us here love working with animals and caring for them. Through perseverance, compassion, and experience, we strive to satisfy all our pets’ needs and desires. We also offer personalized services for each pet, and even the shyest among them will have a fun time with our dog daycare center in Chantilly.

Two of our fundamental values are empathy and compassion. We always try to get closer to our clients’ pets and become intimate with their needs. This is so we can provide them with the kind of excellent care that the owners expect of us. Our high-end equipment provides a safe and clean environment for our quadruple friends.

Dog boarding retreat

If you plan to leave town for more than a day, we can care for your pet in the meantime. Our boarding retreat offers a safe temporary home for your pet, optional grooming services, indulgences like ice-cream treats, and more. Contact our care specialists in Chantilly to find out more.

Traveling can be stressful if you have a pet at home. Having a neighbor to care for your dog is a hassle, and they won’t be as compassionate as we are. We accept dogs, cats and kittens, and even pet birds for boarding. Simply choose the size of the boarding room, the type of exercise, and the indulgences that we should provide to your pet. The rest is up to us.

Is dog daycare expensive?

Not at all. With our dog daycare center Chantilly program, you can choose the half-day option, where we entertain your dog for half a day. It costs $18.00 per dog. For a full day, you will pay $34.00/day per dog. As for the boarding retreat, our services start at $35.00/night with a 20 sq/ft room, and they can go up to $65.00/night for a 40 sq/ft room. Choose Nova Pets, and your dog will be a happy pet.