Our pets are prominent family members that we must care for with extraordinary tenderness and responsibility. An illness or a random sickness can easily lead to a disaster. Therefore, we, at Nova Pets, use our pet hospital in Chantilly to take proper care of your pet’s health.

Animal hospital near me

Our healthcare center in Chantilly strives to provide the best medical services in your area. Bring your pet to our care center, and we will ensure that it leads to a long and healthy life. With vaccination and preventive medical check-ups, our veterinarian proactively defends your pet from any potential sickness.

Our staff is happy to oblige with any demand, and we guarantee your comfort when visiting our clinic. For urgent medical interventions, we can reschedule your appointment so that we don’t endanger your pet’s life longer than necessary. We will personalize a post-surgery treatment with utmost attention, and perform regular check-ups, so your pet’s condition remains stable.

The best veterinary services

Thanks to the accumulated experience in treating pets, our medical center can now successfully cure even severe afflictions. Our experts are all animal lovers who would rather spend a few hours working overtime than hurt an animal inadvertently. Similarly, our wellness programs provide preventive methods for pet owners to ensure their pets stay healthy and happy.

Our clinic utilizes the latest medical check-ups and procedures to treat hospitalized pets. We can name a few:

  • Spay and Neuter surgery

  • Vaccines

  • Dental care

  • Diagnostic treatment (blood work, ultrasounds, digital x-rays, and urinalysis)

  • Other surgical methods (soft tissue, orthopedic, emergencies)

  • Avian and Exotic pet care

  • Microchip implant and identification

  • Health and travel certificates

When should I go to a veterinary?

Ideally, you should periodically visit our pet hospital in Chantilly. This is because we do much more than vaccinate your pet. We can also interpret symptoms or erratic behaviors that could link to illness, since our veterinarians can differentiate between natural mood swings and rabies, for instance.

We always maintain our integrity, and we immediately report any change in your pet’s condition without hiding anything. Because we love animals, and we like to see them healthy, we always strive to provide excellent medical services to our customers' pets. Without authentic compassion for animals, we could never perform our jobs well.

Pet health center

At our pet hospital in Chantilly, we take care of your animals with compassion, responsibility, and rigorousness. Our treatments focus on helping pets overcome sickness most comfortably. Moreover, we only use FDA-approved medication and vaccines that do not endanger your pet’s life.

At Nova Pets, we want to fulfill your expectations to the letter. When it comes to an animal’s life, we never falter, and we always do our best. With professionalism and a decades’ worth of animal care experience, we constantly enhance our treatment procedures. As a result, we have developed innovative medical techniques that work even on severe health conditions.