Come to our veterinarian clinic in Chantilly for any pet-related problems, and we will find a suitable solution. Prevention is essential when it comes to your pet’s health, so we also provide vaccines proactively. With Nova Pets, you know your pet is in good hands.

What pet care services do we provide?

With over two decades’ worth of experience in the field, our clinic provides the best veterinary services around. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to ensure your pet’s optimal treatment and overall well-being. Moreover, we perform occasional tests to check whether your pet suffers from any long-term disease that doesn’t manifest visibly.

Our clinic provides the following services:

  • Vaccines

  • Dental care

  • Diagnostic Treatment

  • Spay and Neuter surgery

  • Avian and Exotic pet care

  • Specialty services (house calls, health and travel certificates, microchip implant and identification)

The best pet health center in Chantilly

For light injuries or health issues, our veterinarian clinic in Chantilly provides immediate care and assistance. Our reliable and trustworthy staff will care for your pet at all times, especially when administering medication. Moreover, our wellness plans will ensure your pet’s health over a whole year, medication and vaccinations included. With these occasions, we can groom your pet as well.

To make our plans affordable for anyone, we have decided to install monthly payments for yearly pet care. We provide healthcare assistance to pets of all ages – puppies and kittens between ages 0-1, adults (2-6), and senior pets (7+). For emergencies, you can schedule surgeries on any day, but generally, we only perform them on Wednesdays.

Chantilly animal hospital

We operate using the best medical instruments money can buy so that we can provide excellent medical care for your pet. Regardless of your pet’s injury or illness, we’re confident that we can find a cure. Excluding emergencies, we also provide suitable medicine prescriptions for your dog, cat, or bird.

Among our core values, we emphasize integrity, education, and medical excellence. Our goal is to train our clients into providing better care for their pets, while also providing quality veterinarian services if required. Moreover, we have a transparency policy when it comes to treating and caring for pets. We eagerly await all inputs from our clients regarding our pet care services, and we will use this information to enhance our customer support.

Efficient pet medical services

Our veterinarian clinic in Chantilly functions on a relaxed schedule so we can accommodate any urgent cases. Even without an appointment, we will still make time for your pet if it is in a critical condition. Moreover, the moment our schedule becomes free, we will call you back and establish an appointment.

With Nova Pets, you know we'll take good care of your pet. Our employees and staff are always ready to assist you in any way. This touches upon one of our core values – empathy. We provide both pet and pet owner with care, understanding, and professionalism. If you require our services, don't hesitate to call!