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  • August is National Immunization Awareness Month!

    It's the simplest way to keep your pet and other safe from disease and illness

          According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, August is National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM)! While the campaign was intended for humans, it’s every bit as applicable to ...

  • All About Siberian Huskies!

    Your informative guide into the world of huskies to determine if they are well suited for you and your family

            A Siberian husky, with their iconic colored fur and piercing eyes, are nothing short of majestic. Their intelligence puts them as the 45th smartest dogs and the American Kennel Club lists them...

  • Everyone Needs a Wellness Exam- Even Exotics!

    Keeping your exotic pet or small mammal safe and strong for a long healthy life!

          As a species, humans have had longer relationships with some animals than others. Cats and dogs are well attuned to us, as we are to them. We are able to intuit some of their feelings. When you have ...

  • Staying Active with Your Pets

    How being active is mutually beneficial for you and your furry friends

        Whether you’re seeking to maintain your health or improve it, it makes sense to turn to a workout buddy to help motivate you. Research demonstrates that you’re more likely to stay on track when...

  • Adoption: The Four Legged Edition

    The pros of adopting your new furry friend

          When you’ve finally decided to bring a new pet into your home there is a cascade of questions that follows. Among the first is whether it would be best to shop or adopt, and we’re here to...

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