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  • Vetiquette – What You Need to Know

    What is "vetiquette" and do my pet and I

        When we’re children we’re generally taught to mind our manners and how to behave in specific places. For instance, in classrooms you raise your hand before speaking. In libraries, you speak as q...

  • Look at Those Teeth—Regularly!

    An look into dental health for your canine, feline, exotic pet or small mammal

          If you’ve ever had a toothache, you know how excruciating it is. You don’t have to be eating or drinking to feel the pain, either. Rather, there’s a constant hurt that feels like th...

  • All About Pit Bulls

    A Guide for Admirers and Potential Pet Parents

        Most of us think of the American Pit Bull Terrier when we hear, “pit bull.” That designation also refers to many other sub sections of the breed such as the American Staffordshire Terrier. Accor...

  • Black Cat Appreciation

    A history and informative insight into the mysterious black cat

        Imagery of black cats is pervasive throughout western cultures and usually it’s incredibly negative. Edgar Allen Poe wrote a short story entitled “The Black Cat” and it’s unsettling ...

  • World Rabies Day 2018: Be in the Know

    What you need to know about Rabies and your pets health and safety

        Keeping track of vaccinations dates can be a chore sometimes and you might worry about your pet experiencing pain when they get shots. The fact is, though, that vaccines are by far the better option compare...

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