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  • All About Hamsters

    A Guide for Potential Pet Parents and Admirers

    After cats and dogs, hamsters are one of the most popular pets. They’re often adopted or purchased for children because of their relative low-maintenance lifestyle, but plenty of adults enjoy these nocturnal rodents as...

  • The Dangers of Delectables

    Chocolate and canines: symptoms and what to do next

    With Valentine’s Day approaching, we’re sure to enjoy our leftover chocolates and we hope you are too. But, did you know that chocolate is toxic to dogs? While cats will usually leave the chocolate for their human co...

  • All About Dachshunds

    A Guide for Potential Pet Parents and Admirers

    Dachshunds are the quintessential low riders of the dog world. Whether standard or miniature, whether smooth, wire-haired, or long-haired, the Dachshund personality stands out in a crowd. These lively little companions a...

  • Cataracts: What you should know and what to do next

    How to recognize, prevent, and treat cataracts in pets

    Among eye conditions you might see in a furry family member is the all too common cataract. You’ve likely met a four-legged friend with clouded eyes, and if you have, you’ve already seen cataracts. They’re characte...

  • All About Persian Cats

    A Guide for Potential Pet Parents and Admirers

    The regal Persian is a long-haired cat breed with a heart of gold. These affectionate cats are immensely popular as both companions and competitors. It’s easy to understand their celebrity status when you consider not ...

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