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  • All About Dachshunds

    A Guide for Potential Pet Parents and Admirers

    Dachshunds are the quintessential low riders of the dog world. Whether standard or miniature, whether smooth, wire-haired, or long-haired, the Dachshund personality stands out in a crowd. These lively little companions a...

  • Cataracts: What you should know and what to do next

    How to recognize, prevent, and treat cataracts in pets

    Among eye conditions you might see in a furry family member is the all too common cataract. You’ve likely met a four-legged friend with clouded eyes, and if you have, you’ve already seen cataracts. They’re characte...

  • All About Persian Cats

    A Guide for Potential Pet Parents and Admirers

    The regal Persian is a long-haired cat breed with a heart of gold. These affectionate cats are immensely popular as both companions and competitors. It’s easy to understand their celebrity status when you consider not ...

  • Bladder Stones

    What you need to know to prevent them, and what's next if your pet has them

    When a doctor tells you that you have “stones” of any kind, you know that what follows won’t be a pleasant experience. The same is true for our furry family members, who may also get gallstones, kidney stones, or b...

  • All About Boxers

    A Guide for Potential Pet Parents and Admirers

    It might be hard to believe that the happy-go-lucky, and sometimes downright goofy, Boxer was bred to be a guard dog, but the breed’s physique and work ethic make it apparent. Boxers are medium-sized, muscular dogs wit...

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