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  • All About Munchkin Cats

    A Guide for Potential Pet Parents and Admirers

    In recent years the popularity of “Munchkin Cats” has spiked sharply, and there’s no question as to why: their diminutive stature appeals to us and we can’t help but think that they’re cute as a button! Those o...

  • Bone Disease in Growing Canines

    What to look for and when you should bring your pet in for a visit

    According to Pet MD, “panosteitis, osteochondrosis, and hypertrophic osteodystrophy are the three most common metabolic bone disorders seen in dogs.” Large breeds are disproportionately affected by these conditions a...

  • All About Great Danes

    A Guide for Potential Pet Parents and Admirers

    If you like cartoons you’re undoubtedly familiar with the iconic Scooby Doo, a mystery-solving Great Dane who’s the epitome of a “gentle giant.” Real-life Great Danes may not frequently join detectives in their i...

  • Cherry Eye

    What is it and what happens next?

    A condition called “cherry eye” (eyelid protusion) may sound like nothing to worry about, but is actually rather serious. Cherry eye is a common term for prolapse of the third eyelid gland. Many mammals, including do...

  • All About Gecko's

    A Guide for Potential Pet Parents and Admirers

    Even if you’ve never seen a gecko live and in person, so to speak, you undoubtedly recognize the GEICO Gecko® from the car insurance commercials and advertisements. Geckos don’t just make great mascots —they also ...

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