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In an earlier blog we shared some information about parrots generally, but today we’d like to specifically talk about Amazon parrots! These winged companions are especially gregarious and provide their human counterparts endless entertainment with their big personalities. In addition, they’re strikingly beautiful and have a variety of color patterns. Read on to learn more about Amazon Parrots and how to care for them!

When we say Amazon Parrots are social, that may be an understatement. The first thing to understand about these birds is just how much they crave and truly need interaction. Like humans ourselves and our canine companions, these birds can develop behavioral problems if they aren’t given adequate social and mental stimulation. Families in which someone is always home would be ideal for the Amazon Parrot, whereas single-person homes where the individual works long hours would be the least ideal. For those who can make the time investment, however, these parrots are happy to talk and sing through their days. We’ll offer one more note of caution though: Amazon Parrots can, do, and will scream.

Other aspects of care naturally included diet and exercise. According to the VCA website, poor nutrition accounts for many issues in pet birds and it’s unfortunately easy to get birds’ diets wrong. In the wild, Amazon Parrots eat a variety of foods, from nuts and seeds to berries and fruits. Be sure to find a well-balanced pellet mix that’s formulated specially for your parrot and give berry treats semi-frequently. What might seem even more challenging than balancing someone else’s diet is ensuring your parrot gets enough exercise! It turns out that many parrots will enjoy playing tag, hide and seek, or even pass-back with balls!

You’ll want to consider what kind of a cage or habitat will be best for your Amazon Parrot. Always ensure your parrot has plenty of space to move, play, and fly a little! You’ll also want to make sure that bar spacing is such that your Amazon Parrot cannot get stuck or otherwise hurt! The Spruce Pets recommends 24" x 36" x 48" for a minimum cage size and 3/4" to 1" bar spacing.

When it comes to grooming, Amazon Parrots will tend to clean themselves such as a dog or cat and only need a little assistance from us. Your new feathery friend may need an occasion beak or nail trim. The beak is a delicate part of the bird and shows signs of the bird’s health. It is easier in the wild for your parrot to keep its beak trimmed by rubbing against trees or hard surfaces so be sure to monitor for any overgrowth. Be sure to consult your veterinarian if you suspect your parrot’s beak is in need of a trim. You may also choose to clip your birds wings to prevent them from flying away. Molting season will also require that you pay extra attention to your pets ensuring that they aren't in pain as their new feathers grow in.

Finally, we come to the matter of veterinary care. Just as with any other pet, you’ll want to have your Amazon Parrot undergo annual examinations, especially because they can live for several decades with proper care! You’ll want to have your veterinarian perform blood and stool tests during these examinations to confirm that your bird is in optimal health. And of course, should you suspect illness or notice abnormal behavior, bring your bird in right away. Parrots are known to hide illness so it’s important to pay attention to detail and be proactive in your bird’s care. Should you need to schedule an exam for your bird or ever bring them in for an emergency visit please call (703) 378-9791!


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