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Some cats make a big impression, and the Maine Coon might just take the cake. Their immense size compared to most domestic cats is striking. Maine Coons often reach weights well over ten pounds, with some even surpassing twenty pounds! Their independence, playfulness and exceptional hunting skills make them excellent companions for people in the city and countryside alike! Read on below to learn more about why a Maine Coon could be your mainstay.

Some interesting legends surround the Maine Coon’s origin, namely that domestic cats bred with raccoons (that is completely impossible). It is likely that Europeans brought long-haired cats with them to the Americas and they bred with short-haired domestic cats who were already present. In either case, the Maine Coon won recognition from the Cat Fanciers’ Association centuries later in 1976 and is today a very popular cat breed for many pet parents.

Maine Coons are relatively flexible in terms of environment, although they cannot tolerate extreme heat but they are very sociable. If you live in a warm area and want an indoor/outdoor cat or mouser cat, the Maine Coon should not be your first choice. If you plan to have your cat indoors and have AC, or live in a cooler climate, the Maine Coon will thrive. This exceptional cat breed is more than happy to have company, whether you have a large family or a multi-pet household. They aren't ideal for homes in which they would have to spend most of their time alone.

You may find that you need to invest a lot of attention into your new feline friend but surprisingly little attention to grooming. Weekly brushing is normally adequate to keep a Maine Coon’s coat neat and clean. As with any other cat, Maine Coons need a high-quality diet and plenty of water. Maine Coons are prone to some health issues such as hip dysplasia, however, responsible breeding practices minimizes this risk and early detection by a vet can help you address the issue to prevent discomfort.

While popular in our homes Maine Coons also find popularity outside of them. For example, one of the three felines who played Mrs. Norris in the Harry Potter films was a Maine Coon named Pebbles! Additionally, Maine Coons are the state cat of—you guessed it—Maine. Other famous Maine Coons include Guinness World Records holders like Stewie the longest cat and Corduroy the oldest cat!

If you’re interested in meeting and possibly adopting a Maine Coon you can search for responsible Maine Coon breeders or consult a rescue such as the Virginia Maine Coon Rescue! When you find the Maine Coon companion who’s perfect for you, set up their first appointment with us by calling (703) 378-9791.

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