As a species, humans have had longer relationships with some animals than others. Cats and dogs are well attuned to us, as we are to them. We are able to intuit some of their feelings. When you have an exotic pet, or even a small pet such as a guinea pig, it might be a little more difficult to determine if they feel well or not, or why they’re exhibiting a certain behavior. In fact, certain animals, such as birds, actively hide their discomfort if they are injured. This makes it extra important that they get regular wellness exams! Just as humans need regular checkups, and just as our cats and dogs receive them, your exotic pet or small mammal should also be periodically examined to ensure their health and overall wellbeing.

If you just recently got your pet—congratulations! Also, this is the perfect time to introduce your new friend to the NOVA Pets team! Bring them in to determine not only their overall current health, but to learn more about how to provide a proper habitat and diet for your pet. You can also ask about precautions to take when shopping for toys or other accessories. For instance, did you know that it’s important for Gerbils to have completely smooth wheels so that their tiny feet don’t get injured? Be sure to ask your vet for recommendations for your specific pet.

During regular wellness exams, what will you and your pet experience? Much like when you visit the doctor for yourself, you will answer questions about your pet’s recent behavior, diet, exercise, and day-to-day activities. A visual examination will be performed and, if necessary, other diagnostic tools may be used, such as x-rays. It is not unusual to be asked to bring in a stool sample from your pet, either, as that waste can speak volumes about health, from dietary imbalances to gastrointestinal abnormalities.

Early detection is important for both us and our pets: when our pets experience illness or injury, we are often able to treat it. Your pet may need medication, a simple supplement, or something a little more involved depending upon the diagnosis. But, it’s more likely to be manageable the sooner you discover it and begin the treatment. Keep in mind too that early detection is likely to benefit your wallet, as less complicated and less expensive treatments will likely be employable early on!

Finally, if you have multiple pets, know that you’re keeping the whole family safe by keeping each individual healthy. The last thing you want is for a communicable disease to go unnoticed until all of your pets have it. That would be insufferable for them, you, and your budget. Let NOVA Pets enhance your pet parenting experience and your pets’ lives today!


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