A simple "step-by-step" to help ease the transition of a new cat into your home

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Adopting another kitten can be a heartwarming experience but introducing them to the cats who already live at your residence can be a little tricky. Here are some tips to avoid negative incidents or unnecessary stress in your household.

Moving in with a new family can be stressful and scary so give your new addition its own space and introduce it to its new home before bringing in the family. When introducing a new cat to the home it is crucial to take things slow. Allow your first cat(s) to enter the newcomer’s space- slowly! Give your full attention to be able to assess the situation as the felines check each other out. If either of them starts to get stressed out, act inappropriately, or begin to exhibit aggressive tendencies then separate them right away and start over at another time. The key here is to make this adjustment as easy as possible for both you and your feline friends.

If it takes a little longer for your furry companions to become friends you can give each cat their own territory in the home. Both areas should have food, water, a litter box, sunlight, toys, a sleeping area, and plenty of resting places. Cats love to find places to retreat and hide so make sure that your feline has enough places to feel safe, especially if you have to keep them separated for a little while. You can also try giving a towel to the new cat so its scent gets transferred to it then introducing the towel to the other cat(s). Another trick would be to place the cats in rooms separated by one door and letting them sniff each other through the door.

Cats that have or are already are living with other cats will generally handle the addition better than a cat that may have been the "only child." You never want to let your pet(s) feel neglected so be sure to spend time with each of them each day.

Introducing your cats to each other can be difficult, but it isn’t impossible! Have patience and go slow. Next thing you know, everyone will be getting along great!

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