Adopting another kitty can be a heartwarming experience! But introducing them to the cats that you already have can be tricky. Here are some tips to avoiding incidents or unnecessary stress in your household.

Cats that have or are already living with other cats will generally handle the addition better than an “only child” cat.

-When introducing them, be sure to take it slow and under full supervision. If either one of them starts to get stressed out, or act inappropriately, separate them right away and start over at another time.

-Give each cat their own territory in the home. Both areas should have food, water, litter boxes, sunlight, and plenty of resting places.

-They should both also have plenty of areas to hide away and retreat into.

-Be sure to spend time with all of your cats each day, so that none of them feel neglected or abandoned.

For first meetings, allow your first cat or cats to enter the newcomer’s space slowly. If you notice any signs of stress or aggression separate them and try again at a later time.
You can also try taking a towel that the new cat has been on and letting your other cats sniff the scent from this, or place them in rooms separated by one door and letting them sniff each other through the door.

Introducing your cats to each other can be difficult, but it isn’t impossible! Have patience and go slow, and soon everyone will be getting along great!