Heat Stroke and Leaving Your Pet in the Car

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Doggy Day Camp in Ashburn and Chantilly, Virginia

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Animal Hospital in Chantilly, Virginia

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10 Tips for Travelling With Your Pet

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Hiking, Hot Spots, and Vaccine Reactions

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Why is socializing important for my puppy?

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Vaccination in dog day care in Ashburn VA

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The Importance of Vaccinations for Your Dog

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The Importance of Vaccinating Your Cat

Rabies Rabies is caused by an RNA virus transmitted through direct contact with infected mammals (primarily bite wounds). The rabies virus attacks the brain and is most often fatal. More cats than dogs are diagnosed with rabies infection in the … Read More

DOG Boarding at Nova Pets

Here at NOVA Pets, we have a whole upper level dedicated to Dog Boarding and Doggie Day Care. We have Plexiglass Suites, unlike most dog kennels, which use chain link fences. These suites can be customized to your dog’s needs, … Read More