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Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding Options

Play, Eat, Sleep – Repeat

With an entire upper-level dedicated to canine fun, there’s no doubt your dog will have a ball NOVA Pets Boarding Retreat. All dog boarding suites include clean and comfy spreads – so, mom and dad – please don’t worry about bringing their beds from home. They’ll enjoy a good night’s rest in our climate controlled atrium-style Plexiglas boarding suites.

Dog boarding suite at NOVA Pets Boarding Retreat

Dog boarding guests receive a minimum of three outdoor walks a day and daily room service. We ask that you please bring in their own food and inform us of their routine feeding schedule. If you would prefer to use our food, we have Royal Canin available for purchase.



Dog boarding guests have boarding suite size options ranging from 20 sq. /ft. – 50 sq. /ft. and different activities to choose from. Luxury boarding suites are also available and include a window view, premium bedding, additional walks, one-on-one pampering, and an all-natural, low-fat, doggie ice cream treat.


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Sat (Noon)
*Pick-up and/or drop-off only.

Dog boarding suites at NOVA Pets Boarding Retreat

Standard Dog Boarding Suites
20 sq./ft.
Under 30 lbs.
30 sq./ft.
31-59 lbs.
35 sq./ft.
60-100 lbs.
40 sq./ft.
Over 100 lbs.
Add additional dogs to room
Note: Consider total weight of all dogs when selecting room size
$34.21/night per dog
Luxury Dog Boarding Suites
30 sq./ft.
Under 30 lbs.
35 sq./ft.
31-59 lbs.
40 sq./ft.
60-100 lbs.
50 sq./ft.
Over 100 lbs.
Add additional dogs to room
Note: Consider total weight of all dogs when selecting room size
$37.53/night per dog


At NOVA Pets Boarding Retreat, we want to keep our dog boarding guests active and having fun – whether it’s with their fellow canine buds or one of our pet care specialists. If your dog loves lots of playtime with other dogs, then he or she will love Doggie Day Camp, where they’ll get to meet new friends and play the day away while under the supervision of our trained and compassionate team member pet care specialists. Your dog(s) will be having a ball – literally – and won’t want to leave!

Dogs playing in NOVA Pets Dog Day Care's Doggie Day Camp

For dogs that like to play, but just a little less, our Group Play Sessions are a perfect option. Group Play Sessions are shorter versions of Doggie Day Camp, so we offer a Group Play where your dog will still get a day to play with other dogs in a supervised group environment.

Dog running on treadmill at NOVA Pets Dog Day Care

If your dog prefers to keep to his or her self, they can enjoy Private Exercise with one of our pet care specialists. They’ll get personalized attention and even have the opportunity to learn new tricks and run on a treadmill!

Exercise Options
Group Play
Your pet will play with other dogs and pet-safe toys in a group environment and under the supervision of a trained and experienced caregiver for 2 hours a day.
$12.80/day per dog

Doggie Day Camp

A full day’s worth of play where they’ll get to meet new friends and get love and attention from our trained and compassionate Pet Care Team Members. Your dogs will be having a ball – literally – and they’ll never want to leave!
$35.83/day per dog

Private Exercise

Your pet will enjoy private exercise with one of our Pet Care Specialists, and even have the opportunity to learn to run on a treadmill!
$12.80/day per dog


The indulgence options below are included in our luxury boarding suites and are also available a-la-cart.

Indulgence Options
Doggie Ice Cream Treat
Lap Time w/ Brushing
Please Note: Standard boarding already includes 3 walks per day. Luxury boarding includes 4 walks per day.
Hand Feeding Not included in luxury boarding by default.

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