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Why NOVA Pets

What to Expect at NOVA Pets Boarding Retreat

Boarding All Pets

Cat, Dog, Avian, and Exotic Pet Boarding Services at NOVA Pets Boarding Retreat

At NOVA Pets Boarding Retreat, we don’t just focus on dog boarding, we have various accommodations available for your feline and fine-feathered friends as well. And, if your exotic pet feels left out, not to worry; there is always room at the NOVA Pets Boarding Retreat for everyone. Whether you’re going on a short weekend trip, or need to board your pet for a longer period of time, you can count on us to keep your pet safe and entertained.


Phone: (703) 378-9791
Fax: (703) 997-7786
Email: info@novapets.com


Sat (Noon)
*Pick-up and/or drop-off only.

We offer a variety of activities to ensure all pet boarding guests get theactivity they need to sleep soundly at night. We also offer on-site medical care and pampering to keep your pet comfortable and safe while you’re away. Some of these services include:

-Doggie Day Camp
-Group Play
-Private Exercise
-Bathing, clipping, and grooming
-Vaccines and routine checkups
-Dental care
-Prescription and dietary needs


Dog boarding guests receive a minimum of three outdoor walks each day. This means a trained team member will take them for a safe walk outside the perimeters of our boarding facility.

Safety First

Your pet’s health and safety is our top priority, this is why we provide the highest quality of care and in-house medical attention to each and every pet that boards at NOVA Pets Boarding Retreat.

In order to ensure the utmost safety for your pet, we require that each guest be up-to-date on certain vaccinations. A “meet and greet” will be conducted for first-time boarding guests. This will allow our veterinarian to establish a relationship with your pet and create an environment specifically catered to their personality.

During the meet and greet, the following areas will be assessed and considered:

– Emotional needs
– Activity level
– Social behavior
– Wellness needs

Your pet’s daily activity will be planned around his or her specific needs. This will provide even the most energetic pets with enough exercise and stimulation to get them falling fast asleep in their cozy, private suite.

Next time you need to leave town, don’t just board your pet; book them a vacation of their own at NOVA Pets Boarding Retreat, your pet’s personalized vacation getaway!

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