We are smack in the middle of summer and are feeling the heat! It may sound like the perfect time to vacation, but what about your beloved pet? If bringing your pet on the trip with you isn’t a feasible option, boarding them at Nova Pets Health Center is a great way to ensure they have their own little vacation while you are away from home. If your dog needs boarding, we have a full-fledged doggy day care where they can run and play with other friendly pups, or if they prefer people, we have a private exercise option where a kennel assistant will play and cuddle with your pooch on their own. If you have a cat (or cats, because you can never have too many!), we have kitty condos where they can have a relaxed stay with the option to get out and stretch their legs while they play in the kitty room. Or maybe you have an exotic pet? From birds and reptiles, to chinchillas and guinea pigs, we are equipped and would love to care for any and all of your exotics while you are away. With a vet on staff, there is someone to check on your pet if anything comes up, so you can relax and be confident knowing that your pet is in good hands at Nova Pets Health Center.

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