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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of exercise will my dog/dogs have during doggie day camp?

A: During Doggie Day Camp, your dog can play with other dogs, have one-on-one workouts with a trained team member, and even exercise on the treadmill. They will also have three 15 minute outdoor walks a day.

Q: Do you offer private exercise?

A: Yes, private exercise is designed for dog/dogs with aggression toward other dogs, elderly dogs, and shy dogs. They will learn to exercise on treadmill and have extended walks with a highly trained and compassionate team member.

Q: We’ve never been to Day Camp before. Can my pet still participate?

A: Yes, at NOVA Pets Day Care we will do our best to find your dog a compatible playmate to make sure they are really having a ball!

Q: What time will my dog be walked outside?

A: At NOVA Pets Health Center we walk your pet/pets 15 minutes mid-day.

Q: How many times do you feed my dog a day?

A: We feed your pet/pets according to your specific instructions.


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