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Rates & Requirements


– Rabies
– Canine Distemper
– Bordetella (6 month vaccine)

– Intestinal Parasite Screen (1 year)

– Pre-Boarding Assessment (see below)

We also strongly recommend:

– Monthly Flea Preventative Treatment


In order to ensure the utmost safety for your dog, we conduct complimentary meet and greet for each first time visitor as part of our dog daycare evaluation to minimize the risk of illness from bacterial or viral infections. This way your dog can make most out of their daycare, and you can have the peace of mind knowing they’ll be as healthy when you pick them up as they were when you dropped them off.


The health and safety of all pets is the top priority at NOVA Pets Dog Day Care. Meet and greets help us confirm the overall wellness of your dog, ensure their vaccination history is up to date, and determine their individual needs and personality.

Since every dog is unique, we take time to learn all about your dog’s individual needs during the meet and greet – so we can create an environment specifically catered to their personality.

Our program focuses on three aspects of your pet’s behavior:

– Emotional needs

– Activity level

– Social behavior

We will craft their daily activity plan around their specific needs, providing even the most energetic of pets with enough exercise and stimulation to have them going right to sleep in their cozy, private suite.

We recommend coming in for the meet and greet prior to your dog’s first daycare session. This way, you and your pet have the opportunity to tour our facility, ask more questions, and get to know NOVA Pet’s staff.

Meet and greets may be completed on the drop off date, however, please allow 20-30 minutes to complete the following:

– Admission and disclosure forms

– Optional tour of boarding and daycare facilities

– Daycare Activity Report

– Payment of service


Doggie Day Camp: $34.11/day
Half-Day Play: $17.07/day

If you have any questions about our Dog Day Care services feel free to give us a call at (703) 378-9791 or enroll your dog in Day Care today.

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