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What to Expect

What to Expect at Doggie Day Care


Doggie Day Camp is a fun-filled day of exercise and play brought to you by NOVA Pets Dog Day Care. Doggie Day Camp is perfect for energetic dogs who love to run and play and even shy dogs who prefer one-on-one human interaction. During their stay, your four-legged friend will receive two group play sessions, outdoor potty breaks, and some downtime to rest and recharge. If your dog prefers the company of humans over other dogs, you can choose a private play option that will give him or her a condensed one-on-one day care experience with a trained professional.

Whether you choose group or one-on-one play, our doors open as early as 7 AM and stay open until 6 PM (Monday-Friday) – providing an ideal timeline for business professionals who would like to leave their pets in a fun and safe environment while they go to work.

Doggie Day Camp is now available for half-day campers! Let your pet enjoy our morning day care session (available between 7 AM – 12 PM) or an afternoon day care session (available from 12 PM – 6 PM). Your pet will enjoy the same routine as their full-day camp friends, just with a late-arrival or an early departure.


Work and personal obligations can get over whelming for all of us. For dog owners, this means less time to play with their loyal companions – for dogs, it means less exercise and activity. Your dog’s physical health has a direct relationship with their emotional wellbeing. Lack of exercise can often lead to boredom and frustration, leaving your dog to deal with these emotions in a negative way. They may begin barking excessively and/or displaying aggressive behavior. In some cases, they can even develop general anxiety disorders.

Doggie Day Camp not only provides your dog with a day of fun and play, it also keeps them staying active and healthy. This can reduce the risk of serious health conditions such as obesity, heart disease, and arthritis. We combine a clean, safe, and cage-free with exercise, socialization outdoor potty breaks, and personalized attention.


Health and safety for all pets is a top priority. Therefore, we ask that clients meet some minimum requirements prior to attending Dog Day Care/ Doggie Day Camp.


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