Cats have claws, and occasionally we may run into some issues when it comes to keeping the furniture in our homes scratch free while our cats are making themselves comfortable. There are several things you can do to keep both your cat and your furniture looking’ good!

  • Plenty of things for them to scratch- Having scratching posts placed around the house are a great way for your cat to relieve that urge to scratch and knead their claws. There are even some available you can attach to the corners of your couch! If your cat has never seen a scratch post before, you can rub some cat nip on it and run your fingernails up and down it to show them how it’s done.
  • Nail Clippers- Especially with indoor cats, the nails may need to be trimmed if not regularly worn down. You should start as soon as possible with your kitty so they can get used to the routine of you touching and manipulating their paws. Be sure to read up and watch videos on how to properly trim a cat’s nails so as to ensure both their safety and yours. As a rule of thumb, start from the tip and work back, avoid the quick.
  • Nail caps- If you want a way to protect your furniture that’s also fashionable for your pet, nail caps are a great compromise! They cover the whole nail, but still allow the nail to retract naturally and allow your cat the freedom to scratch, but without all the damage. They come in multiple colors so you can coordinate with your pet.

It’s natural behavior for your cat to scratch. These 3 things are great for keeping you and your kitty happy and healthy while saving your furniture! Instead of using negative reinforcement when your cat exhibits a negative behavior, such as yelling at them when you find them scratching your couch, find a way to give them a positive experience while still getting the result you want. cat-nail

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