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If your pet becomes ill or injured while in the custody of NOVA Pets Health Center, we will call you regarding your pet’s symptoms, treatment options, and estimates of additional costs. If no one can be reached, we will perform the minimal necessary treatments to relieve immediate discomfort or to resolve an important “emergency” medical condition. This includes only non-elective treatments and necessary diagnostics.

I hereby authorize Dr. S. Masood, DVM, assigned doctors and/or the staff he employs, to administer treatment as he/they consider therapeutically and/or diagnostically necessary on my pet. I also consent to the administration of such anesthetics as are necessary and surgical procedures of an emergency nature.

I have read and understand this agreement. I fully intend to pick up my pet on the above specified date. If circumstances change, I will notify Nova Pets Health Center of a new date. I hereby release Dr. S. Masood, DVM, assigned doctors and/or his staff from all claims, legal or equitable arising out of the treatment rendered by him, and affirm that no guarantee or assurance has been made as to the results that may be obtained.

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