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"Everyone at NOVA Pets is very caring and trustworthy. We take our lab there regularly for grooming and doggie daycare. We also buy all of our pet meds there as well since their prices are the same if not less than 1-800-pet-meds."

Ty Harris

“I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Masood and his staff! He was able to see us quickly when my dog got sick. Not only that, but he treated our dog with exceptional care. Our dog had 2 previous canine dental surgeries and this was his third. I can tell you that we paid $250 LESS than previously at our other vets, and the service was above and beyond!!! I will continue to use his practice and recommend it to my friends.”

Kelly Harris

“Dr. Masood is a very capable and caring Vet. Our younger cat Mocha has always been anxious and fearful – refusing to be touched or picked up. She also developed a terrible skin infection. Dr. Masood treated Mocha’s infection and suggested that we try a food called Calm from Royal Canin. After switching both Mocha and Dakota to Calm we have seen a real change, especially with Mocha. She is less fearful and more social and playful. She spends time where we are and even sleeps on the bed with me. We’re happy for Mocha and it makes us feel like better caregivers. The Calm is a bit expensive but since they require less it is actually as cost-effective as store food. Thank You, Dr. Masood!!”

Cathleen Hoefler

“I have brought all 6 of my cats to Dr. Masood and am very happy with the care they received. They never pushed additional services on me and only did what I came in for. Some of the cats did need to have their teeth cleaned, and it was very obvious and I felt really bad as I didn’t realize how bad some of their teeth were. All the employees greet you with a smile, they don’t mind when I ask a million questions, and have been great to my animals. My eldest cat had been diagnosed with a hyperthyroid and was getting very thin. She started on 2 meds, one for the thyroid and one to ease the strain being put on her kidneys. With close monitoring of her meds and routine labs I am happy to say she is now filling out again and doing extremely well. Once her thyroid levels were within normal limits, I was able to take her off one of the meds so she is now on just the thyroid. For the subsequent labs, Dr. Masood only did what was necessary and did not force me to do the extensive and expensive panels again since the first set was fine. I will continue to bring all my animals there and have referred NOVA Pet Health Center to my friends with animals as well. THANK YOU DR. MASOOD AND STAFF! YOU ARE WONDERFUL!”

Jc Wedekindt

“NOVA Pets Health Center is an excellent facility. I’ve had the pleasure of having the Dr. Masood come to my home for my 3 senior cats. This provided a relaxing environment for indoor cats that do not enjoy car rides. I, unfortunately, had to put down a very sick cat and the staff was extremely supportive and attentive to my concerns. The office is very clean, and I have never had any trouble getting appointments…even at the last minute. Dr. Masood and his staff provide wonderful follow-up phone calls. I’m also impressed with the level of automation. All appointment and invoices are sent to email, and the cost isn’t expensive as compared to other vets! I’m very pleased and would recommend NOVA to other animal lovers!”

Leslie Sofocleous

“Last year, we spent a day checking out all the boarding facilities in the area and came across NOVA Pets Health Center during our search. The facility is all indoors, which is a great feature to us as we have three short haired dogs and I wouldn’t feel comfortable taking them to an indoor/outdoor run type of kennel – especially in the winter. The place is clean, spacious, technologically advanced (I love that part), and is a veterinary hospital and boarding facility in one. The only other local boarding facility that compares to this is the super-expensive one on 28 near Dulles Town Center but I couldn’t understand their price structure and didn’t feel a personal connection when I walked in the doors. I felt like just another potential customer.

We first boarded our dogs at NOVA Pets Health Center during our annual ski trip in January. They came back happy and tired and we didn’t have to inconvenience any friends by having them take care of our pack. After that first time, our confidence in this place was sealed. Then, during one of our recent stays, our dogs needed to see a veterinarian and it was really great to get a call from the vet ON SITE who looked after the dogs and kept us informed of their progress in a very fair and professional manner. Because of this and the fact that I’ve known Dr. Masood since he first took over All Pets Veterinary, we have since decided to change our full-time veterinarian to Dr. Masood. He is personable, knowledgeable, professional, and I trust my dogs with him and his staff.

I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a boarding kennel or veterinarian.”

Tanya Finch

“I am very thankful to Dr Masood and his staff. They have been taking excellent care of our cats for several years. Recently, I had to put a beloved cat of 14 years to sleep. Dr Masood and his staff were very compassionate and caring. They gave me all the time I needed to say good-bye, brought me water and tissues and conveyed their condolences. More recently, I had to take 2 of my cats in because we were not able to determine which cat was ill. Dr Masood determined who it was and personally called me on a Sunday morning offering to be there for me to pick up my other cat if I wanted to. I don’t know of another vet who would take that kind of time on a Sunday morning when the office is closed. Our animals receive the best care at NOVA Pets Health Center.

At NOVA Pets Health Center the prices are also very reasonable and they don’t charge junk fees, like “office vist” fees that many other vets do. I highly recommend Nova Pets Health Center. I would not go anywhere else.”

Kathleen McCarter

“I have been a client of NOVA Pets for 10 plus years. I brought my Westie in for check-ups and regular visits since he was a baby at a few months old. He’s 10 years old now and I have continued to bring in my Malti-poo for their services and also dog daycare from time to time. They have friendly and professional staff. Dr. Masood takes great care of the animal patients that come into his center. My sister brings her cats in for the last 10 years as well. They are very kind to the animals and take their time to explain everything to you. The facilities and daycare rooms are clean and well maintained. All the staff there are great to work with. I am very happy with their services.”

Terri Miller

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