With the weather getting hotter, a day trip to the lake or beach sounds like the perfect way to cool off and have some fun. Many of us love to take our beloved pooches with us to the water, but do we know the dangers that may come along with it? There are a few things you can do to help ensure the safety and health of your pup when around water. Teaching your dog how to swim correctly is a must. There are a lot of online resources with tips and tricks on how to best teach your dog to swim that you should utilize. A good way to begin teaching them is to introduce them to shallow water and ease them in to make them more comfortable. Eventually they will feel confident enough to go for a swim in the deeper end (with you close by, of course!). A doggy life jacket is also a good idea for added safety, especially if your dog’s breed isn’t one of strong swimmers. A life jacket is also recommended for the humans as well, since it is possible for your pup to dunk you under while they try to swim alongside you ;). The danger doesn’t end when your dog leaves the water, either. Hot spots and other skin irritations can occur if your dog is not properly rinsed and dried after a swim. If you crate your dog while they are still wet, the humid conditions can encourage irritation on the skin, making for an uncomfortable pooch. Those same conditions can cause yeast to grow in between their toes. If you notice your pup excessively chewing on their paws, have your vet take a look for a proper diagnosis. Doing a bit of research before bringing your dog around water can ensure you and your pup have a wonderful day out together. Happy swimming!

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