Tips for owning a parrot

Everyone knows parrots are intelligent, beautiful animals and can be popular pets, but before you dive head-first into becoming a parrot parent, here are some things to consider:

1) They live a long time– If you are interested in getting a parrot, know that depending on the species, they can live to be decades old. If you are thinking about getting a parrot, but are worried about the long life-span, consider adopting an older parrot that needs a home.
2) They are messy!– Parrots need lots of stimulation and plenty of things to destroy. Consequently, they will often make a mess of their cage, toys, and food.
3) They need attention– Parrots are flock animals and need companionship and attention in order to be happy. Make sure you have plenty of time to socialize with your parrot.
4) They are loud– In addition to the occasional word they might learn, parrots often squawk and scream as a means of communication. Make sure you (and your neighbors) are okay with the occasional ruckus your bird might make.
5) They get bored– In the wild, parrots spend a lot of their time obtaining and cracking open their food. If they have nothing to occupy their time in captivity, they will get bored very easily and engage in destructive behavior, both to their cage and themselves through feather plucking.
6) They need to get out– Parrots need exercise just like all of us, so don’t expect them to be happy and healthy if they are kept in a cage all day.
7) They need special diets– Parrots need a variety of foods to remain healthy, so talk to your vet about what your bird needs to thrive.
8) They can be expensive– The cost of cages, food, toys, and vet visits can really add up (in addition to the initial cost of the bird), so be prepared to pay a pretty penny for your bird!
9) They need regular maintenance– Your pet parrot will need regular nail and beak trims in order to keep them in a healthy state. Your vet can do this, or you can learn to do it yourself.
10) Parrots are wonderful!– If you know what you are getting into and prepared to take it on, owning a parrot can be a very rewarding experience and one that can be life-changing for both you and your bird.

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