“Walking a “Yellow Dog”
Walking your dog is an important part of your pup’s daily life. It is inevitable that you are going to run into other dogs or people at some point and will have to make the decision whether or not to approach. There are plenty of reasons why two dogs should not approach one another during a walk, but how would either party know this is the case? The Yellow Ribbon is the answer! Tying a yellow ribbon to your dog’s leash is a great way to signal to the other walkers (with or without dogs) that they should not approach your dog. If you have a puppy who is still training, an old dog, an injured pooch, or a dog that is not dog friendly, using a yellow ribbon can help keep your dog and other people safe during your daily walk. If you see a dog with the yellow ribbon on their leash, be sure to keep away, no matter how friendly the dog might look. It is important to spread the word about using yellow ribbons, so be sure to inform others about what they mean and how they can help prevent an unpleasant incident from occurring. If you’re ever curious about a pup, make sure to ask their owner beforehand if it is alright to approach.

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