Parrots make for great, very smart companions. Because of this however, they need a lot of interaction that keeps them mentally and physically stimulated. Here are some great games that you can play with your parrot, that will also help you form a closer bond.

  • Toss: You can actually play toss with your bird! Using a small, soft ball, toss it gently towards your bird so that it lands a few inches toward their side. Some may even learn to toss the ball back towards you!
  • Peek-a-boo: Use a towel or blanket to hide behind, then pop your head out and say peek-a-boo excitedly. Alternatively, you can gently cover your bird, then lift the towel or blanket to reveal their head. Always make sure your bird is happy and likes playing the game this way however.
  • Shell Game: Using three small plastic or wax cups, place an almond or similar treat underneath one, then shuffle them around so that your bird can try to pick the right cup. Since it is a game, reward your bird each time, no matter if they get it or not, to keep them having fun.
  • Towel Game: Similar to peek-a-boo, place your head on your arms on a table and cover yourself with a blanket. Your bird will love running over to snuggle their way under the blanket.
  • Button Blanket: Take an old blanket and sew beads, buttons, and bells all over it. We all know our birds love trying to pull buttons off our clothes, so they will have a blast playing with buttons of their very own. Make sure to check it every once in a while to make sure nothing is coming loose.

Your bird will love playing with you and forming a closer bond with you. Make sure to give them some time to rest while you’re playing so that they don’t become overtired, and if any part of the game makes them uncomfortable or unhappy, don’t force them to keep playing.

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