Why is exercise important for my pet?
Exercise is essential for your pet’s mental and physical health!
Many animals we keep as pets today were originally bred to do work for humans, and because we often no longer use these animals for what they were originally bred for, they don’t get the opportunity to exercise their bodies in a way that their ancestor did. Though they may not be getting the same type of exercise, their metabolisms still work at the same level and so it is essential for us to exercise our pets.
Not only will our pets feel better if they get a healthy dose of exercise, but their bodies will function better, as well. If we fail to maintain our pets at a healthy weight, they may be prone to certain health risks. A major possible health problem is obesity. This alone comes with its own risk of carry-on issues such as heart problems, breathing issues, and muscle and joint pain, among others (vetstreet.com). Maintaining our pets at a healthy weight minimizes the chances of these issues occurring. In addition to plenty of exercise, feeding your dog a nutritional food designed specifically for maintaining a healthy body weight, such as Royal Canin Satiety Support, will satisfy their appetite and prevent unnecessary overeating that could lead to obesity. Make sure to ask your veterinarian about any health concerns or before changing your pet’s diet.

Gucci, Sadie, and Mya play tug o’ war during Doggy Day Camp
Not only does exercise promote a healthy body, but also a healthy mind. Pets often get bored if they have nothing to occupy their focus, and this may result in chewed or scratched up furniture, erratic behavior, and even aggression (packleaderplus.com). If our pets do not release all of their pent up energy, they will often channel it into negative behaviors.
There are loads of way to exercise our pets. For cats, it could be as simple as keeping plenty of toys around the house and maybe even having a go with the laser pointer. For certain dogs, a couple of walks a day can so the trick. However, if you have a higher energy dog, a good option is getting them to tire themselves out in some way. You can do this by taking them to a doggy day care, dog park, or fenced in area where they can run and play until they get tired. Here at Nova Pets, we have various options for exercising your pet, whether they are here for boarding or doggy day camp. If they are boarding, they can interact with other dogs during day care, group play, or they can exercise with one of our employees during private exercise. We have a doggy treadmill that many of the dogs love, as well as tennis balls and ropes galore for them to chase and chew! (Visit the Nova Pets Heath Center for more information about our Doggy Day Camp and Boarding www.novapetshealthcenter.com). You can find out what form of exercise would fit best with your and your pet’s lifestyle by asking your veterinarian.
Oliver tired Sadie out during Doggy Day Camp
Buffy is a treadmill expert

We all want what’s best for our pet’s health and spirit. Giving your pet the exercise they require shows them that you love them and care about their needs, and is a great way to bond with your pet!

-Your friends at Nova Pets Health Center

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