Why We Care About Day Care

Unfortunately, many of us are not always able to remain at home with our pups or bring them to work with us every day. So what do our pets do while we are away during the day? While some dogs are perfectly content to hang out at home or in their crate while you’re gone, this may not be a good option for other dogs. Many pups need constant stimulation or they will go stir crazy and could become destructive in your home. Here at Nova Pets, our staff is trained to recognize and safely monitor our Doggy Day Care program so that your dog can release their pent up energy while having a blast. Doggy Day Care is a fantastic way for your dog to improve their socialization skills around other dogs. They will learn pack behavior, which helps them build positive relationships with their fellow day campers. Pack behavior includes learning when another dog wants to play versus when they have had enough. A dog who learns these behavioral signs is less likely to bother another dog to the point where a fight could break out. It’s best to nip that in the bud! At day care, your dog will also get plenty of mental stimulation as well as the physical stimulation their body requires. Focusing on tasks and interacting with dogs and people is not only fun for your dog, but will tire them out and, as we all know, a tired dog is a well behaved dog! At Nova Pets, we believe in helping our day campers become more confident in themselves and more relaxed for you at home!

-Nova Pets Health Center Kennel Staff

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